Cleaning Pots & Pans to look like new!

Using a harsh chemical solution can quickly remove burnt on stains from your pots and pans, but what about more natural solutions? Soda crystals are great- but do rely on you to leave soak a while. For this method all you have to do is mix the soda crystals with water to create a paste and then leave to soak, once ready scrub off with a sponge. I would recommend using the softer side of the sponge so you do not scratch your pans.

I have also found another natural (better!) solution using “The Pink Stuff” by Stardrops. It has 99% natural ingredients, is environmentally non-toxic and has a non hazardous formulation. They claim it is “The Miracle Cleaning Paste,” – so let’s test this out!

The Pink Stuff! So how do you use it?

Using the soft side of a sponge, rub on some of the paste on to the burnt on stain.  You really do not need to use the harsher side of the sponge- just gently rubbing the paste into the stain gives effortless results! Once all your stains have gone, rinse under the tap, and simple as that, your stains will be gone, and your pans looking almost as new! Look below at the fab results. Also check out the video on the top of this page for proof on how effortless this paste really is!!!

I have to mention here that I was gifted The Pink Stuff and other products from Starbrands. This has not biased my writting and I have given my honest opinion. Test it out for yourself, you will be as suprised by the results as I was- I’m sure! With this paste having versatile uses look out for more blogs using The Pink Stuff. Comment below with any tips or further uses. Happy cleaning :)- Jottie

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Cleaning Carpets & Rugs: How to Remove Stubborn Stains

After some surprising results with the use of white vinegar to get rid of coloured pencil off a white fabric tub chair: Removing stains from laundry & fabrics, I wanted to try it out on various stains on carpets and rugs.

As I like to use natural products, I will always try the most economic solutions first and often find they work the same, or even better then more expensive chemical alternatives. For any stain removal I first try soda crystals or white vinegar.

Stain Removal with soda crystals: Create a paste by mixing with water and then gently rub onto the carpet or rug with a clean dry cloth. I find soda crystals are brilliant for freshening up carpets or rugs, but often don’t remove more stubborn stains. Soda crystals can also be sprinkled on to carpet to soak up any damp areas and then vacuumed up- this will also remove any unwanted odours.

Stain removal with white vinegar: I use a vinegar spray (Stardrops White Vinegar Spray) so it can be simply sprayed directly on to the stained area. To create your own just mix half water and half white vinegar into a spray bottle. Once stain has been sprayed, loosen it by gently scrubbing with a toothbrush or scrub brush and then use a clean dry cloth and gently rub carpet or rug for stain removal. Don’t worry about the strong vinegar smell- this wont last! If you really can’t stand it, you could try mixing with essential oils or fruit peels. Look below for some fab results, they are muddy stains from a pair of busy dogs!

I then tested the white vinegar spray on some stubborn food stains- baked bean juice I think! This didn’t lift the stain as well so I tried a cleaning product with ammonia.

Stain removal with ammonia: I have actually purchased a cleaner with ammonia (my favourite is made by Stardrops) but it is simple enough to make a solution up, – 4 cups water, 1/2 teaspoon liquid detergent and 1 tablespoon ammonia. Apply solution or cleaner to the affected area- leave to soak for more stubborn stains. Once ready to remove, gently loosen the stain with a brush such as a tooth brush and then gently rub stain using a clean dry cloth to lift stain. Below is an example of using the ammonia cleaner to remove baked bean stains.

I hope these stain removal tips will help you with your stubborn stains. Please remember to complete a spot check before applying any products- you don’t want to end up with further stains or discolouration! Just to let you know- I am not paid/endorsed by the makers of Stardrops, I just enjoy using their products! If you have any further tips please comment below. Happy cleaning- Jottie


Removing coloured pencil off fabric 

I’ve been looking for more natural and economic ways to effectively clean, and as soon as I saw some white vinegar spray I knew I had to try it! The very first thing I tried it on was coloured pencil that my daughter had decided to decorate my white tub chair with as you can see below!   

All I simply used were the following;

  • White vinegar cleaning spray
  • A clean dry cloth 


I simply sprayed on the spray and gently rubbed the marks. The darker colours needed more spray and rubbing then the lighter colours. I wasn’t expecting it to work so effectively and fast! Literally within minutes all the marks were gone and below is a picture of when it had dried, ta dah….  

I was so impressed with the cleaning power of the white vinegar spray! Look out for more posts with the the use of this stuff as I will be trying it on everything! What are your favourite uses of white vinegar? Comment and let us know 🙂 happy cleaning! –Jottie


Getting rid of stubborn mould marks on bath toys

After soaking my daughters grippy dots in various products I thought they were due for the bin. I had tried soaking them in bleach and various anti mould sprays but nothing seemed to budge the stubborn mould marks. After reading someone’s success of using denture cleansing tablets I thought I would give it a go. Follow these simple steps below to get rid of mould on your children’s bath toys;

  1. Dissolve one denture cleansing tablet in a bowl of hot water- ensure not boiling as you may melt the toys! I just placed enough water in to cover the grippy dots. 
  2. Place your bath toys in to the solution and preferably leave over night. I tried after a couple of hours and it didn’t clean them very effectively so I placed them in a fresh solution and left to soak. 
  3. Now it’s time to clean your toys- I used an old tooth brush to scrub mine, but a hard sponge should do the job, it just may not reach any awkward places! After a few minutes they looked like this…  

There not “as new” but I’m happy enough to return them to my daughters bath- for around 50p I think this is a great cleaning tip. I picked my denture tablets up from a bargain shop and now do not need to pay to replace them 🙂 I’m also going to look into what other great things these tablets can do! To keep up to date with my blog entries you can follow us on Facebook (click here), where any new entries will be posted. 

Feel free to comment with any tips you have may have. Happy cleaning- Jottie


Streak free stainless steel appliances

Do your stainless steel appliances dry streaky? I have found that the results from stainless steel cleaners vary and do not always produce a perfect shine each time.

As you can see these appliances have dried streaky. Follow the method below for a streak free shine- happy cleaning!


Clean your appliance with an all purpose cleaner to ensure there are no food debris or dirt. Do not to use a hard sponge as you may scratch the surface- I find a cloth is suffice. If you have any stubborn marks just leave some all purpose cleaner on for a couple of minutes to soften any bits. Once clean either leave to dry or dry with a cloth.

Products and materials

To shine your appliance you only need baby oil. I find that the best method is to use kitchen paper to rub the oil in. If you don’t have any kitchen paper to hand you could try a microfibre cloth however, from personal experience I don’t think this produces as good a result. Pour some baby oil on to the kitchen paper- sparingly may I add! A couple of drops will work, add more if needed for larger appliances.


Now the fun part! Using the kitchen paper rub the baby oil in- rubbing in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel will produce better results. Once the oil is covering the surface use a dry piece of kitchen paper to polish the steel- again in the direction of the grain, and ta dah…

I hope this helps to get your stainless steel appliances glistening and gleaming! Follow the blog to keep up to date with future home and cleaning hacks and feel free to comment with your successes!

Happy cleaning! – Jottie