Domestic Cleaning

For our domestic clients we aim to make a house feel like a home leaving it clean, fresh and glistening. We provide a bespoke service in which you can amend your cleaning schedule to suit your needs. Feedback is greatly  received and acknowledged so our service gives a smile every time- we know how great it feels to return home to a lovely clean and tidy home! Recommendations from current clients largely grow our business and we are very proud of that.

We can provide weekly, fourtnightly, monthly and one-off cleans.

We bring all of our own products and materials including a Hoover and mop. Our floor cleaner is suitable for all floor types including wood and laminate. We strive to be as economic as possible, and we are in the process of switching over to greener products whilst maintaining high cleaning standards at no extra cost to clients. The majority of our products are Trecos approved.

For any “problem” areas such as excessive lime scale in showers, unless a deep clean is requested, these will be ongoing and completed in time as work in progress, once complete these areas will be kept on top of. If there any areas which you would like focus on or you are particularly concerned with, then please let us know. We can be flexible with your typical cleaning schedule to suit your needs. If tasks require more time, such as, the cleaning and dusting of blinds you can add additional time on to your clean or you can adjust your current cleaning schedule to allow time for such tasks.

We can also provide extra services, from preparing your home for a dinner party to feeding the cat…just ask and we can tell you whether we have the resources to do so.