Cleaning Pots & Pans to look like new!

Using a harsh chemical solution can quickly remove burnt on stains from your pots and pans, but what about more natural solutions? Soda crystals are great- but do rely on you to leave soak a while. For this method all you have to do is mix the soda crystals with water to create a paste and then leave to soak, once ready scrub off with a sponge. I would recommend using the softer side of the sponge so you do not scratch your pans.

I have also found another natural (better!) solution using “The Pink Stuff” by Stardrops. It has 99% natural ingredients, is environmentally non-toxic and has a non hazardous formulation. They claim it is “The Miracle Cleaning Paste,” – so let’s test this out!

The Pink Stuff! So how do you use it?

Using the soft side of a sponge, rub on some of the paste on to the burnt on stain.  You really do not need to use the harsher side of the sponge- just gently rubbing the paste into the stain gives effortless results! Once all your stains have gone, rinse under the tap, and simple as that, your stains will be gone, and your pans looking almost as new! Look below at the fab results. Also check out the video on the top of this page for proof on how effortless this paste really is!!!

I have to mention here that I was gifted The Pink Stuff and other products from Starbrands. This has not biased my writting and I have given my honest opinion. Test it out for yourself, you will be as suprised by the results as I was- I’m sure! With this paste having versatile uses look out for more blogs using The Pink Stuff. Comment below with any tips or further uses. Happy cleaning :)- Jottie

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