I’ve been looking for more natural and economic ways to effectively clean, and as soon as I saw some white vinegar spray I knew I had to try it! The very first thing I tried it on was coloured pencil that my daughter had decided to decorate my white tub chair with as you can see below!   

All I simply used were the following;

  • White vinegar cleaning spray
  • A clean dry cloth 


I simply sprayed on the spray and gently rubbed the marks. The darker colours needed more spray and rubbing then the lighter colours. I wasn’t expecting it to work so effectively and fast! Literally within minutes all the marks were gone and below is a picture of when it had dried, ta dah….  

I was so impressed with the cleaning power of the white vinegar spray! Look out for more posts with the the use of this stuff as I will be trying it on everything! What are your favourite uses of white vinegar? Comment and let us know 🙂 happy cleaning! –Jottie


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