I’ve recently started testing different products to try and remove stubborn limescale from bathrooms, I quickly came across Viakal and so far has successfully removed limescale and water marks off all the shower screens, shower trays and taps that I have tried it with! Bleach will sometimes do the job but Viakal can even get rid of those stubborn water marks off your shower screen and taps making them look brand new and shiny again. When and if I come across a shower it won’t work on my search will start again and no doubt another blog also. 

The items I used for this job are as follows:

  • Viakal (I used the one with febreeze for a nice lasting scent)
  • Sponge 
  • Gloves
  • Face mask
  • Glass cleaner
  • Glass cloth 



  1. I would strongly recommend using a face mask when using this product- I didn’t realise how strong the fumes would be. They are a lot stronger than bleach and when confined in a small space such as a shower I can’t imagine it being very good for you, and of course it says on the packaging to not breathe in. 
  2. Once prepared with your mask and gloves, spray the Viakal across the surface you would like to clean (there are some surfaces which are not suitable for use with this product which will be detailed below). 
  3. For more stubborn bits and marks I would leave the solution to soak in- I found a few minutes did the trick. You can leave the product on for a maximum of 5 minutes. 
  4. Using a sponge scrub the area clean, I didn’t have to put much effort in for most of it but for more troublesome areas like the bottom of shower screens I did have to scrub quite hard. 
  5. Once scrubbed, if possible rinse the solution or use a cloth to remove- this is an important step if you want your end result to be smear free.
  6. Now removed you can shine up your screen, tray or tap. I simply spray some glass cleaner and then polish with a glass cloth, and that’s it, done!

Surface type warning

  • Viakal cannot be used on hot, damaged or acid sensitive areas (e.g. Gold, silver, copper and aluminium), coloured or old/damaged enamel, household appliances (including water boilers), natural stone (e.g. Marble, travertine)

Just for your information I haven’t been endorsed by P&G the creators of Viakal, I just thought I would share a great product! Good luck with removing your limescale and water marks- feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions and successes 🙂 –Jottie

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